Cowboys Firewood is located in Irvington, KY. We handle a wide variety of firewood products, ranging from basic firewood to kindling to premium smoker woods. I have been selling firewood for 7 years now, with a major expansion in clientele and new products in the last couple years.

Our hottest selling product is our Campfire Bundle line. Our bundles are 0.75+ cubic feet. They are double tied and shrink wrapped, with label of origin; and the tails of the strings are tied together for a convenient carrying handle.

We are currently putting together an Economy Kindling line that should be a good product for even those customers who buy their firewood in bulk. There is an average of 75-85 pieces, at least 0.8 cubic feet, bagged for customer convenience.

We are also beginning to roll out a line of premium smoker chunks, bagged for customer convenience. Initially, we will offer our hottest sellers, Pecan, Cherry and Hickory, with plans to expand into more flavors. These should be a hit with backyard grillers and smokers.



Our firewood is a 70/30 mix of hard/soft wood. All premium hand split and naturally cured. We sell our fire wood by the cord, 1/2 cord and 1/3 cord. Firewood is for local pick up or delivery only


We carry an assortment of bundles Our hottest seller is our campfire bundles. We also carry a Cedar bundle, and a variety of smoker bundles including, Hickory, Cherry, Pecan, Pear, and Apple. All our bundles are 0.75+/-cu.ft of hand split, naturally cured quality wood. All our bundles come shrink wrapped and have a handle for easy Carrie.


Smoker Chunks

We currently carry two lines of kindling premium grade Cedar or our economy line which is a mix of our woods being processed on site at the time. All bags come with 75-85 pieces which is enough for a minimum of 20-25 fire starts.

Check out our Smoker Chunks now available by the bag or box. Chunks are great for the BBQ smoker in your family. Simply soak, add to your grill and soon enjoy the delicious flavors of your home cooked meat.