Cowboy's Firewood is truly a story of going from nothing to reaching for the stars. Our story begins in 2012, I was out of work, in the dead of winter, bills to pay and food to put on the table; But I had been raised with the old school mindset: if you want it you earn it.

I had a saw, Splitting Maul and a truck. I started picking up what trees I could find along the roadsides. In time I had gained access to a couple patches of woods to cut dead wood out of. I spent cold wet days packing wood, block after block, up out of the woods, in snow, ice, rain, or whatever else the weather threw at me, to put loads together. But I had the bills paid, and we had food on the table; and we had enough firewood for our own stove as well.

I eventually moved on to a new job. Firewood was something I didn't intend to pursue as much more than just a winter time side job for a little extra spending money; But the clientele list and coverage area just seemed to continue to grow. Slowly but steadily a business began to take shape. After nearly 4 years of juggling a full time job and what had grown into a nearly full time business, in October of 2017, I decided to take the leap into the business world and leave the job behind.


Now nearly a year and a half later, as we start wrapping up the 7th winter season,2018-2019, it is amazing to see just where this business has grown.  We have met numerous challenges,   and still continue to grow, one stage at a time, to reach this point. There is still much farther to go, but the stages are being set to put this on the map in a big way.

From just hoping to make enough money to put supper on the table, to a business that brings firewood out of the backyard and into a respectable industry, to pushing the limits on our goals as a business, Cowboys Firewood is on its way bringing Our products to as many as possible.