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About Our Bluegrass Flame Firestarters

Bluegrass Flame Firestarters began as a research and developmental concept in the fall of 2019 to create a value added product line for the Cowboys Firewood product portfolio. However, in less 12 months from the first performance tests, Bluegrass Flame exploded into a national and international phenomenon. It has grown to become the only Kentucky Proud handcrafted Firestarter to be sold throughout the US and around the world.


Our proprietary blends of wood chips uniquely tailored to each of our 4 lines, are chosen for the burn properties of the various wood species used and blended to specific ratios to maximize performance. Consistent throughout the Bluegrass Flame family of products is: flame height up to and exceeding 14 inches (35cm), burn time up to 20+ minutes, blue base flames at peak burn indicating temperatures in excess of 2300°F (1260°C), and easy "light it and leave it" performance.

Because Everyone Likes Choices

We currently offer 4 lines of Firestarters to meet our customer's needs. In addition, we also have a number of other great products in concept development to add to the Bluegrass Flame family of products. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for exclusive specials and new product announcements.


Click an image below for more information and pricing options for each line.

Traditional Bluegrass Flame Firestarters


Bluegrass Fame Premium Cedar


Bluegrass Flame Smoker


Bluegrass Flame Aeromatics


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