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Partnership Opportunities


Cowboys Firewood is unique with it's approach to the Firewood Industry in that we look beyond the boundaries of our own markets and build opportunities to partner with other small businesses and entrepreneurs. This allows us to offer our products, backed by widespread national and international market base, to others to increase their own marketability. We feature programs ranging wholesale to commercial commission to retail commission for a wide variety of opportunities.


For more information about our programs, or to partner with us to better serve your customers, email us at or


This is your first step in becoming a major part of a national and international platform. 


On the local and regional level, we offer our Firewood Bundles, Whittling Cedar Kindling, and Bluegrass Flame Firestarters. This is an awesome fit for stores, campgrounds and events looking to add extra income. On the national and international level, we offer our Bluegrass Flame Firestarters as 224 and 324-count cases with optional Prelabeled Bag Packages, as 20 and 30 Prepackaged 5-counts, as a variety of palletized options, and as bulk Shipping Container options. This allows Firewood Producers in the industry as well as relevant stores to have the opportunity to increase the product portfolio they offer their customer base and thus increase their own income levels.  

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commercial commission program

This program completely breaks from what's traditionally expected in the Firewood Industry. It allows Producers to promote the Bluegrass Flame products within their commercial clientele base (campgrounds, stores, etc), and collect a commission for 2 years on any sales to each commercial account. This allows you to capitalize on the available wholesale market while still keeping costs down for your commercial market. Additionally, you are also able to promote our own retail only Bluegrass Flame products within your retail market base with a commission on all sales for 1 year per client. This allows you to expand what you can offer your customer base to include our Specialty Product lines.

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Retail Commission program

This program takes marketing to a new level by allowing any entrepreneur, regardless of whether you are in the Firewood Industry or not, the opportunity to set up as an independent sales rep for Cowboys Firewood and Bluegrass Flame. Any of our Prepackaged Firestarters, as well as certain shippable Smokerwoods products, are eligible for this program and can be sold on commission. This allows anyone with a potential market base to build your own small business with zero risk; it also allows us to expand exponentially while growing others at the same time. This program stands to potentially eclipse our own sales just through its range of grassroots brand exposure.

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