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The Journey of cowboys Firewood

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Who Is Cowboys Firewood? Never in a million years would I have believed that I would be in the saddle of a Firewood Business that expands beyond local and regional markets and into national and international markets. This wild ride began as a winter time gig to make up for being laid off. We had bills to pay and food to put on the table. So I took my truck, a saw, and a maul and started cutting what firewood I could find. It was a rough winter in the ice, snow and freezing rain, but we got by; and with warmer weather, I was able to settle into a new "real job". 


For several years, I still ran firewood alongside my job as side money during the winter. The firewood grew into a second full time job and became known as Cowboys Firewood. In the fall of 2017, I made the insane decision to leave my "real job" and take on my budding business full time. Taking what is traditionally a seasonal side income and turning it into a year round income took a tremendous amount of research and innovation to develop new product concepts. This led to the wide range of products we carry today, both in Firewood and Smokerwoods as well as in support products for both lines.


In the fall of 2019 this research and development brought the creation of a high end, handcrafted firestarter, which became known as the Bluegrass Flame. The following year it exploded into a national and international phenomenon in less than 12 months from its inception. To this day we continue to expand our markets and our products to meet the needs of our widespread family of customers.


In nearly 8 years from just hoping to keep the bills paid and food on supper table, Cowboys Firewood grew to become a recognized leader in the Firewood Industry. Our focus on quality, consistency and innovation in all of our products has given us a national and international platform. As we are always mindful of our humble beginnings, we strive to elevate as many others as possible as we grow. Our wholesale and commission based programs are intended to grow others alongside our own growth. Hard work and perseverance truly do pay off when you are chasing dreams where only the sky is the limit!!

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