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About Our Firewood

Cowboys Firewood began with selling strictly Loose Firewood by the truckload. We soon changed to selling by the 4ftx8ft ric to maintain load volume consistency; we followed up with switching to only selling by 128cu.ft cords (4x4x8) and fractions there of. This is in keeping with the government requirements concerning how firewood is to be sold to the public; and it ensures that the customer receives a consistent volume with every order.


All of our Firewood products are blended deciduous hardwoods, with a 65-75% concentration of high BTU species. Including lower BTU species in the blend improves the overall performance of the Firewood; they have lower ignition temps so they catch quicker both on the coals and when lighting. As our business has grown, our focus has shifted moreso to Firewood Bundles and Small Package Products, leaving Loose Firewood as more of a limited availability product.

Economy Kindling is a 1 cu.ft bag of 6-9inch woodyard blend of kindling. It is subject whatever woods are being processed so species will vary. Each bag is good for starting 25-30 fires.


  • Economy Kindling: $12

Premium Cedar Kindling is 0.75+ cu.ft of 8 inch handsplit pieces of cedar. Cedar is well known for its ease of lighting, making it a premiere kindling source. Each bag is enough for starting 20-25 fires.


  • Premium Cedar Kindling:$15


Whittling Cedar Bundles are a small Bundle of 8-10 pieces of hand split 8 inch cedar. This is the perfect carry-on for camping trips, and it should be enough to light 2-3 fires under normal conditions


  • Whittling Cedar: $3


Basic Firewood Bundles consist of +/-0.75 cu.ft mixed deciduous hardwoods, 7 to 9 pieces cut 16 inch. They are double tied, shrink wrapped with label of origin, and tails of the strings tied together for a convenient carrying handle. They are metal free with no nails or staples. Bundles are available at retail for the public, as well as at wholesale for stores, campgrounds and events.


  • Retail: $5

  • Wholesale: Email 


Bagged Firewood Bundles are +/-0.75 cu.ft mixed hardwoods, bagged for ease

of handling and transport.This product is available both in retail and wholesale.

  • Retail $6

  • Wholesale: Email


Deluxe Campfire Bundles are 1 cu.ft of mixed hardwoods, bagged along with an Easy Start Package (1 Bluegrass Flame Firestarter, 4-6 pieces of Premium Cedar Kindling). It is the complete campfire package, minus the flame itself.


  • Retail: $10


Premium Cedar Bundles are 1 cu.ft of split Cedar firewood, bagged for easy storage to allow for multi use in the fire pit. The aroma of burning cedar is said to be an aphrodisiac, especially for the ladies, making it the perfect fire for that romantic evening



  • Retail: $10


Walnut Bundles are 1 cu.ft of split walnut firewood, bagged for easy storage and multi use. Walnut is known for creating a Blue Flame in the coals, making it a great focal point in the fire pit.


  • Retail: $10


Chiminea Chunks are available in 0.75+ and 1 cu.ft bags. The Chunks range from 6-12 inches, making them ideal for Chimineas and small fire pits. As a bonus, they are awesome for small low-heat fires perfect for little children to roast marshmallows and hotdogs around.


  •  0.75 cu.ft: $8

  • 1 cu.ft: $10


Loose firewood

Basic Firewood is primarily a

castoff by product from Bundles Production, making it a limited availability product. While it is still quality firewood, it will be the knots, twists, and missplits that do not grade for Bundles. This is our cheapest product line.

**Available April through September.**

  • Full cord: $270

  • 2/3 cord: $180

  • 1/3 cord: $90

Premium Firewood is top grade, straight grain firewood suitable for Bundling Production. As it is worth a premium in the next market level, it will be priced just under wholesale pricing on the Bundles market.

  • Full cord: $375

  • 2/3 cord: $250

  • 1/3 cord: $125



**Available April through September - By appointment only October through March**


  • Free within 20 miles per GPS from our base for full cord orders only.  (This is toss-and-roll delivery.) 

  • $2.00/loaded mile>20

  • Less than full cord loads are charged loaded miles for full distance


Stacking on Delivery

  • $30 per cord with easy access

  •  Price is subject to change with difficult access


Seconds and Culls

  • Pickup only and subject to availability

  • We currently have 16cu.ft bins with seconds based on our Chiminea Chunk line; they are self service pickup only.

  • Fire Pit Chunk Bin: 30




firewood bundles

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