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Traditional Bluegrass Flame Firestarters


Bluegrass Flame is the traditional Firestarter that has become the flagship for the line as it has grown into a worldwide sensation! From its proprietary wood blend to it's strict Production protocol, every aspect of this Firestarter was developed to be the ultimate in versatility and performance.


From the wood stove and fire place, to the fire pit and campfire, to the grill and the smoker; it will have a full steady fire lit inside of 10-12 minutes.


It's ability to light straight out of water and rugged product durability make it ideal for outdoor activities. It's easy "light it and leave it" performance will make a novice look like a seasoned pro.

Pricing Options

Retail pricing is available in bagged quantities from 5 to 70-count, and boxed quantities from 30 to 324-count.


Wholesale pricing is also available on the 224 and 324-count boxes.




  •   5-count : $8

  • 10-count: $15

  • 20-count: $30

  • 70-count: $100



  • 3 5-count : $32

  • 2 10-count:$38

  • 1 20-count:$38

  • 1 70-count:$115

  • 2 70-count:$215

  • Boxed: 30-count Wooden Case:$50 (Flamed) (Natural)

Also Shipped:


  • 1 Case: $60

  • 2+ Cases:$55 ea

  • 224-count: email for pricing

  • 324-count: email for pricing

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