Cowboy's Firewood

"If the world is cold, make it your business to build fires."

Cowboys Firewood, located in Irvington, KY, offers a choice variety of firewood, campfire wood, smoker woods, and kindling.

Our firewood is a 70/30 blend of hard wood/soft wood, for an optimal burning package. soft wood catches fire easier, which enhances the burning of the hard woods. We sell strictly by the cord, 128 cu.ft.; and fractions thereof: 1/3 cord, 1/2 cord.

Our campfire wood soft wood/hard wood blend, dependent on what species are in stock. It is intended to easy to light and hold a good fire.

Our smoker woods are premium woods graded hard on aroma. We handle hickory, cherry, pecan, pear, and Apple as trees are available. We are continually working to add new flavors as we go.

Our kindling ranges from premium hand split cedar, both in bundles and bags to a bagged economy line, which is blended from what woods are being processed at the time. It pairs well with our firewood.

Cowboys Firewood 18 Irvington Heights Ln Irvington KY 40146

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