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cowboys firewood

Local. National. International.

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Quality focused

Cowboys Firewood, located just outside of Irvington KY, is the only Kentucky Proud Firewood Producer to service not only local and regional markets but also national and international markets as well. Our continual research and development into new product concepts makes us a leader in the Firewood Industry and gives our customers access to the best products on the market.


Our firewood products, ranging from Loose Firewood to Firewood Bundles to Kindling, focus on providing optimal performance in both home heating and recreational use. Our Smokerwoods, primarily sold as small package products, brings a wide variety of the best flavor signatures from the forest to the culinary masterpieces at the supper table. Our world famous Bluegrass Flame Firestarters light the flame, with their top of the line performance and ease of use, that enhances the burning experience of both our Firewoods and our Smokerwoods.

what we offer

Cowboys Firewood sells strictly measured volumes in all of our products from the 128 cu.ft cord Loose Firewood to our small package product lines to our Bluegrass Flame Firestarters. This allows our customers to be confident in the integrity of the order delivered. We offer products in retail, wholesale, commercial commission and retail commission platforms to give us more opportunities to serve the public. With our convenient online invoicing via Square, orders can be scheduled from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world.


Check out the wide portfolio of products and services that Cowboys Firewood has to offer. Allow us to build the fires that keep you warm when it's cold, that make you the Master chef with tonight's meal, that create the unforgettable outdoor memories this weekend!

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